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Skagit 911 is currently accepting applications for a 911 Emergency Communications Dispatcher.  Read about the position on our Employment Page.

Our Mission Statement

"Respect, Protection and Safety for all in our community."

Public Notification System InformationClick here to sign up for the Public Notification System

Core Values

  • Employees should endeavor to put the needs of the public before their own and be diligent in the performance of their occupational duties.

  • Employees are expected to maintain and improve their professional knowledge, skill and competence and are encouraged to seek continuing education and / or training whenever available.

  • Employees shall obey all laws, rules and regulations and avoid any conduct which would undermine public trust in Skagit 911.

  • Employees should establish and maintain honorable relationships with their peers and with all those who rely on their professional skills and judgment.

  • Employees should strive to maintain the highest standard of personal conduct and maintain the integrity of Skagit 911 by exemplifying this professional Code of Ethics.